Born in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) 1937. Altough a creative child, my parents insisted that I learned a "real" profession first, to make a living. So I became a teacher, just like my father. Since 1993 I have been able to work full-time on my artistic development.

In the early eighties I picked up drawing and painting again and have been doing so up to the present time, especially portraits and models. It aroused my interest in a next step, three-dimensional-work: clay and wax-modeling.

For decades our family sailed the coastel waters in our home-made sailingboat every holiday, resulting in painted harbour scenes, screenprinting on nautical charts and above all spatial objects such as shipwrecks, wooden jetties, huts etc.

Wax-strips that I use when creating the wrecks brought me the next logical step, construction of geometric objects: cube, sphere, tetrahedron, pyramide and others.

It is a chalenge to find out the ultimate possibilities of the materials, to go to the limits of what can be achieved.

Using a variety of techniques has its advantages. Very often one technique gives inspiration for the other. Working on several objets at the same time and with various materials provides a refressing variation. That way I stay enthusiastic.

Lately I have been making "excursions" to absurdities. I greatly enjoy doing that.

All objects shown are unique items apart from the animals.

Enjoy my website,                Chris